Quick Tips to Reduce Waste in Your Home

Quick Tips to Reduce Waste in Your Home
June 24, 2016 By Admin Everett Reference

All households produce a certain amount of waste even if you are living alone. Obviously the more people that you live with, the more is produced and by using some of these methods, it will save your rubbish collectors time and energy.

In this short post we will give you some tips on how to reduce the amount of rubbish that you produce which will save space in your bins and help the environment at the same time.

The first thing to do is check which packaging that you have in your home is recyclable. You should have recycle bins near you for glass, card, paper, aluminum and certain plastics. If you are not sure of where these are, contact your local council for further advice.

Food waste can be disposed of in a compost bin, you will be able to get one of these at your local DIY shop for around £20.00. You will be able to use this in time to help your plants grow on your garden. All peelings from vegetables, egg shells, fruit and even old grounds of coffee. You can also add some shredded paper also.

You should try to think of other ways to re-use items rather than just throw them out. Old T-shirts can be used as a cloth or duster. Old toothbrushes can be sterilized and used to clean things like tile grouting or shoes. images

Try to bring less packaging into the home by choosing products with less packaging or by buying in bulk. You can also choose products that do not use a lot of card and used plastic packaging.

There is a video below with some tips on how to re-use house hold rubbish and put it to good use.


For more information on waste removal and recycling please visit this rubbish removal services website or visit https://rubbishawayltd.co.uk




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