Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips
June 24, 2016 By Admin Everett Architecture

If you are moving into a new property or fancy a new look to the interior of your home, we have some tips for you to make your home look spacious and modern. You could then pass this on to your interior design company if you are using one to show them how you want your home to look once work has been completed.


There are many things that you can do to add light, add a warm feel or just freshen the place up to give a whole new look and feel to your living space.

If you want your home to have some more light to any room you could use mirrors in various positions to pick up the natural light from the windows and brighten the whole room up. You can experiment on different walls to see which position and angle works best.


Try painting rooms in a nice light shade that will give the impression that the room is a lot bigger the room and make it look larger than it actually is. This works very well on smaller rooms as darker colours can even make a large room look a little boxed in.

By placing some plants around the house is a great way to add a feel of nature to your living space. As well as looking great a plants can improve the air in the rooms that you put them in by naturally destroying pollutants and certain gases. Also plants are relatively inexpensive compared to other decorative items.

For a certain amount of protection and especially when they have guests people will protect their contemporary sofas with a throw which would avoid any spills or stains. These can be washed also prolonging the look and life of your furniture.

There is nothing wrong mixing old and new. Everyone has certain items that they do not want to get rid of. It may be something that has been handed down through the family and this will add more character to the home.

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